When Should You Steam Clean Carpets?

There are opposing opinions in the carpet cleaning community (Yes, there is one) about the pros and cons of steam cleaning. Some are saying that steam carpet cleaning is bad for carpets, while others are insisting it is the best option for all carpets. In this article, we discuss the middle ground.

What is carpet steam cleaning and why is it necessary?

Steam cleaning uses heat and water to break down dirt. When paired with a vacuum cleaner, the dirt and debris is immediately removed. The heat also helps kill germs that cannot withstand that level of heat. However, it does not remove all types of germs or viruses.

We want to emphasise that as there have been many cleaners promising that they can remove viruses. At Zone Carpet Maintenance, we ensure that all cleaning is done with the proper materials that are not harmful to the household. We ensure cleanliness and safety when doing any carpet maintenance job.

When do we recommend steam cleaning carpets?

Carpets require steam cleaning to remove the dirt and debris that has accumulated from daily use. A regular vacuum can clean dust and bigger debris, but it does not remove the dirt that is stuck to the carpet fibres.

Carpet steam cleaning is also ideal for heavy duty cleaning for stains and spills. Steam carpet cleaning is also ideal for removing smells that cannot be removed by regular vacuums.

Lastly, steam cleaning is more convenient that washing carpets with water and detergent and subsequently having to dry them out in the sun.

When is steam cleaning a bad idea?

Professionally speaking, we do not recommend steam cleaning for carpets with specialty materials that can be damaged. As an example, steam cleaning is not good for carpets made from low-quality plastic materials as they can melt.

It is also not recommended to steam clean antique carpets as the materials have become fragile throughout the years. For that, we recommend that you treat antique carpets as works of art that need the proper expertise from restorationists.

Otherwise, any standard carpet can be steam cleaned by Zone Carpet Maintenance Systems.

When is it okay not to steam clean?

Not everyone can afford to steam clean their carpets daily, which is why we recommend that homeowners vacuum their carpets daily. That way, they can ensure that their home is kept clean.

For stains, you can remove them yourself using the proper cleaning chemicals. If you do not have time, you can opt to get steam cleaning services immediately.

Steam cleaning is done every three months or once a month, depending on the situation. For example, pet owners usually request a monthly service due to the nature of their furry friends.

We hope this article has given you an idea of the benefits of steam cleaning carpets as well as when it is not necessary. We always support the needs of our clients and we want to share the right processes so that you get the most out of your services.

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