Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets

Having carpets around the house is a great way to make it look sophisticated and modern. But this also comes with the responsibility of maintaining the carpet from time to time.

This is a fact which is why you should have a good vacuum cleaner with you always on standby to help you clean out whatever may fall on it. It is essential to use the right vacuum cleaner so that you can maintain your carpets and rugs efficiently.

Not all vacuum cleaners are made equal. Each type has specific features that can be useful or overkill for the type of carpet or rug you own.

To help you choose the right machine for you, here are the types of vacuum cleaners available and where they work best.

Canister Vacuum

These are designed to work best on hard surfaces like hardwood floors and tiles. They work best on small carpets like the ones for stairs and outdoors which make them great for multi-surface use.

The identifying factor for these is the suction hose and retractable cord which helps in moving around the home. It has a separate unit for motor and receptacle. So, maintenance and replacement of parts are relatively easy.

Upright Vacuum

If your whole house is carpeted, an upright vacuum is required. These are mostly made with heavy-duty machines which can work around the house easily.

Upright vacuums are equipped with a motor-driven brush that helps loosen dirt for easier suction. They sometimes don’t have bags, but most designs come with a bag where dirt is stored.

Handheld Vacuum

From the name itself, these are small enough to be carried around. These are often used in cars and small areas. These do not have the same power as upright or canister vacuums, but they merit it on their portability.

Sometimes, these are battery operated or can be plugged in the car. They can handle small spills and small dirt easily.

Sweeper/Stick Vacuum

If you want something the convenience of a handheld vacuum and the strength of an upright vacuum, then the stick vacuum is for you. It is portable but it has a powerful suction power.

These are great as a secondary vacuum which you can use to clean up small spills or dirt. They are mostly used in kitchens, bathroom floors, and other small areas.

Deep Cleaner Vacuum

These are mostly used by professional cleaners because of the way they clean the carpets. These use steam and warm water to remove spot stains and to treat the carpet.

Deep cleaner vacuums are also referred to as carpet extractors and carpet shampooers because they clean the surfaces using liquids in addition to the suction. They brush and clean up the carpet removing stain and washing it at the same time.

Pet Vacuum

For families with pets in their homes, their hair is a big problem especially if you have carpet around the house. This problem is resolved using a special vacuum that can pick up pet hair without clogging. It can also help reduce the odour of pets in the house making it an essential maintenance tool for your home.

Robotic Vacuum

This is one of those that have a cult following. While not necessarily the strongest vacuum cleaner, it is another option for you because it can keep your house clean even when you’re away.

There are innovations nowadays for these like scheduling and automatic recharge. Some units also have strong suction power. Who knows what other innovations there will be for these automatic vacuums?

Another consideration: with bag or bagless

You should also keep in mind where your vacuum will store the dirt it picks up. Some vacuums have bags. These are replaceable and can hold more dirt than bagless ones. Neither one is better than the other so it's up to your preference which one you will use.


The type of vacuum cleaner should match your carpet. If it has short fibres, then debris and dirt can be lifted easily and if it has longer pills, you will need a vacuum with strong sucking power and a roller brush to clean it thoroughly.

What’s important is that you schedule regular cleaning for your carpet for it to last a long time.