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Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs add style and colour to a room. When it comes to cleaning their rugs, many people favour a do-it-yourself approach. Your vacuum cleaner will remove light stains and surface dirt, but will it do a thorough job of removing deep stains and dirt embedded in your rug? No.

The fibres, dyes, and other materials used in making your rug may require specific cleaning techniques, so you'll need to call the professionals. Don't attempt using the wrong cleaning methods. It may cause fraying, dye bleeding, fading colours, curling, rippling, shrinking, and mould growth from oversaturation.

Instead, call on us at Zone Carpets Maintenance Services, we are specialists in giving each rug the individualized cleaning treatment that it deserves.

Rug Cleaning Services

Our professional team of cleaning experts at Zone Carpets make use of specific cleaning techniques to prevent dye bleeding and remove deeply embedded stains. We're also specialists you can rely on to preserve your rug's colour, reduce the effect of wear from foot activity, and extend the overall life span of your rugs.

Our rates are highly competitive, so give us a call today for a free quote.

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