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Frequently Asked Questions

Should carpet be removed if flooded?

The general rule is that you should immediately replace any carpet that has been flooded especially if they have been soaked for more than 24 hours.

However, if the carpet has not been soaked for that length of time, a professional carpet cleaner may still be able to save it. We have a 24/7 flood restoration service where we use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the carpet. We also steam clean the carpet to remove and flush away any bacteria to leave the areas that were affected.

If it was flooded with contaminated water, it is recommended that the wall-to-wall carpeting should be discarded.


Can cigarette burns be repaired?

Cigarette burns are relatively easy to repair. There are even tutorials on how to do it yourself. But for best results, we recommend you get a professional to help especially if the carpet is valuable.


Is Steam cleaning better than dry cleaning for carpet?

Both are effective processes of cleaning for different situations. Steam cleaning uses hot water by injecting it to the carpet and then the vacuum cleaner extracts any dirt that is loosened by the process. This involves preparing and treating the carpet and may not be necessarily ready to use after cleaning because it still needs to dry.

Dry cleaning the carpet is best for cleaning up any oily residue and dirt on the carpet. It utilizes a dry-cleaning solution which helps break down the dirt for easy cleaning.

Overall, both methods are effective in cleaning the dirt they are designed for.


Do you do end of lease steam cleaning?

Yes, as this is a mandatory procedure in Australia. Contact us for more information on this service.


Can you treat the carpet with mould?

Mould is caused by spores in the air. When they land on damp surfaces that have dust that they feed on, they begin to grow and multiply. This is a grave concern for carpet owners, and we make sure that we provide professional services to make sure that carpets are clean and serve you well.

To do this, we use industrial-grade equipment and solution to rid the mould as well as give your carpets a fresh feel as well as protect it from further mould invasion.


Can you re-stretch carpet?

Wall-to-wall carpets tend to “shrink” overtime due to use, change in weather, and other factors. This is an entirely natural phase in having carpets at home. Therefore, we have special tools and services that specifically address this problem.

We recommend that you regularly stretch your carpets as part of your yearly carpet maintenance.


Can you repair iron burns in carpet?

Yes. While iron burns tend to be shallow and easy, we go the extra mile to see to the extent of the damage to address it accordingly. This way, you will have a satisfactory result from our services.


Can you supply & lay new carpet?

We are one of the top carpet laying service providers in Victoria. Our team is well-equipped with the right tools and skills to provide you with satisfying and expertly installed carpets. We make sure that the carpets we install are free from tears, bubbling, and other imperfections.