4 Carpet Cleaning Methods You Probably Didn't Know

Carpet cleaning is a challenging task. You've got to be cautious because the method for each type of carpet varies from one another. To make the cleaning process smooth and stress-free, I've compiled a list of cleaning methods for that beautiful carpet you own.

Use a Carpet Shampoo

This contemporary method is popular and works when the carpet is dirty and needs a thorough clean. First, pour the shampoo on the carpet and work it to a lather. Make sure there's enough foam to attract the dirt that has accumulated inside the carpet. Then, allow it to dry up until it maintains a hard texture. After this, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the residue. This carpet cleaning technique is widely used, but you must make prudent use of the shampoo because it contains chemicals that may be harsh for your carpet. Shampoos are known to change carpet colour and texture with excessive use.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning makes use of hot water between 150 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit. High-pressure steam converted from water is sprayed on the carpet to forcefully loosen up dirt that's clogged up in the carpet. Then, the carpet is vacuum cleaned, and trash is stored in a chamber. Steam cleaning water is usually mixed with a cleaning solution or detergent.

This method works best when you want a clean carpet devoid of germs. Moreover, the mixture kills bacteria, dust notes, and fungus that are present in the carpet, thus making the carpet anti-allergic.

It's advisable to consult or use a professional rug cleaning company since they know the right steam cleaning solutions for your carpet.

Foam Cleaning

This method goes hand in hand with the steam cleaning method. A rotating brush is used to spread the shampoo on the carpet.

Dry Powder Method

The dry powder method employs the use of a special powder that's a mixture of detergent, solvent, and little water. This solution is then applied to the carpet with the help of rotating machines. The powder is worked into the carpet, left to dry for fifteen minutes, and vacuum cleaned. Dry cleaners mostly use this method since it doesn't require the floor material to be wet.